Ultra Pro - Toploader Box - Deck Box Combo - 25 Toploaders and 25 Sleeves

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The Toploader Combo includes a clear, easy-to-use, archival-safe polypropylene storage box, 25 card sleeves and 25 top loaders. Store and archive your valuable trading cards with this pack that includes all you need to start building a collection. This clear storage box is sized to hold Top loaders and ONE-TOUCHES from 35pt to 360pt thickness. Top loaders and soft sleeves included. 

• 3 products to safely store and protect standard sized trading cards.
• Large deck box designed to hold more robust protectors.
• Write on strip to label your deck.

• 25 x Card Sleeves for Standard Cards
• 25 x 3" x 4" Regular Top Loaders
• 1 x Clear storage Box