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Michael Mcintyre's The Wheel Board Game

Michael Mcintyre's The Wheel Board Game


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Get into a spin with this board game adaptation of the hit BBC One show that has reinvented The Wheel!

This time, you’re the contestant in a race to complete your own set of seven questions and make it through to the End Game, where one final question stands in the way of victory.

Choose any seven categories from the set of 14 different subjects and place these cards around the edge of The Wheel.

There are 532 category questions and 39 End Game questions included in the game.

The centrepiece of the game is a large 20cm mechanical spinning wheel with unique push down mechanism.

Spin the contestant spinner board to select which player or team is in play.

Choose a category then press the push button to “Spin the Wheel!”

If The Wheel arrow lands on the gold space, the player or team is asked an easy gold question; if it lands on blue then a trickier blue question awaits... but watch out for the red as you’ll be Shutdown and thrown off The Wheel!

The first player or team to complete their Wheel by clearing all seven categories around The Wheel goes through to the End Game, where they face one final question to win the game.

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