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Pokemon - Charmander Plush #2

Pokemon - Charmander Plush #2

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Embrace the warmth of Charmander, the Lizard Pokémon, as your cuddly companion. This 12-inch Pokémon plush is designed for ultimate snuggles, featuring super-soft materials that are perfect for cozy moments with its trainer. With authentic details that mirror its appearance in the beloved Pokémon Animated Series, Charmander truly comes to life in your arms.

Don't stop at Charmander – expand your collection with other 12-inch Pokémon plush toys to create your very own unique team of Pokémon companions. Join the ranks of Pokémon Trainers who've captured the essence of their favorite characters and bring the magic of the Pokémon world to your home. Cuddle up with Charmander and start your Pokémon plush collection today!

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