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Digimon - New Awakening Booster Pack (BT-08)

Digimon - New Awakening Booster Pack (BT-08)


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More colours means more opportunities, giving the ability to "splash" cards from another colour far more easily, you'll be actively rewarded for having multiple colours in play!

But that's not all, Digimon fans can enjoy long awaited characters from the Digimon Adventure 02 anime in this set!

Create stronger decks with new mechanics, dominate the game and prepare for the New Awakening! Including numerous Armor Form Digimon that appeared in Digimon Adventure 02!

Total : 112 card types

12 cards per pack

  • Common ×44
  • Uncommon ×30
  • Rare ×26
  • Super Rare ×10
  • Secret Rare ×2
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