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The Army Painter - Colour Primer: Army Green

The Army Painter - Colour Primer: Army Green


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The Army Painter Colour Primer 3005 400ml Army Green Primer Spray Paint is one of many high-quality coloured primer sprays to choose from in the Army Painter Colour Primers range.

As the name suggests, this Colour Primer is great for historical miniatures representing armed forces. But also Wood Elves and futuristic models, for instance, would look great with this colour, as well as plague daemons of all origins.
  • Saves time painting - Prime your model with your chosen base colour
  • Precision nozzle and fast drying acrylic primer = Perfect coverage!
  • 24 Colours, with a 100% matching Warpaint
  • Leaves every detail on the miniature in excellent condition.

Army Painter Colour Primer Sprays are a unique combination of a primer and a base coat in one. Featuring a unique formula that works specifically well on metal, plastic, and resin miniatures. These Colour Primers leave a perfect matt finish, so paint adheres better than the standard sprays on the market. Featuring super-fine, heavily pigmented paint, and a specially-designed nozzle – The Army Painter Colour Primers ensure that you get excellent coverage without obscuring the fine details on your miniature. Save time at the hobby desk and Get More Time for Gaming with Colour Primers. Instead of applying a base coat by hand, simply pick the most dominant colour on your miniature or army and spray away.

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