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The Army Painter - Green Stuff

The Army Painter - Green Stuff


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Whether you're adhering tough to fit piece, cleaning mold lines, converting your miniatures, or even sculpting your own - The Army Painter Green Stuff is exactly what you need.

The original Kneadatite, also known as Green Stuff, is a two-part epoxy used by model makers and hobbyists. Simply mix equal parts yellow and blue putty until you achieve an even green coloured putty and you're ready to begin.

This magical concoction is a polymide/epoxy sealant and adhesive. It helps to adhere difficult bits and pieces, especially when used in conjunction with the "pinning" technique and super glue. When you roll it real thin it can be used to fill gaps and clean mold lines. Green Stuff hardens fast but has a flexible working time of 20-30 minuts. After only 8-hours, it should be fully dry and it can be sanded and shaved for a smooth, clean final result.

When used in combination with The Army Painter Sculpting Tools and Hobby Knife, Green Stuff is the age-old choice for traditional model sculpting and conversion work.

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