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The Army Painter - Hydro Refill Pack

The Army Painter - Hydro Refill Pack


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The Army Painter Hydro Pack is the perfect companion to your Wet Palette.

A Wet Palette is an essential tool for every hobbyist and a must-have product for both new and experienced painters – and with The Army Painter Hydro Pack you never have to worry about running out of hydro foams or hydro sheets.

The Hydro Pack is a complete refill package with 50 Hydro Palette Paper Sheets and 2 Hydro Wet Palette Foams. It features the best paper sheets for a wet palette and is used by thousands of painters and pro-painters around the world, praised for its quality and longevity.

The super absorbent Hydro Foam optimizes water absorption, and the ultra-fine Hydro Sheets ensure optimal water transportation, keeping your paints moist and workable for longer periods of time.

Although the Hydro Sheets are designed for many hours of use, you will eventually have to replace them to avoid the paint bleeding through to the Hydro Foam. We recommend you change the Hydro Sheet regularly, or when starting a new painting project. To do so, simply peel off the old sheet carefully and lay down a new sheet.

The additional set of Hydro Foams is a useful and convenient back up to have, especially when replacing foam that has accumulated extensive staining due to long-term use.

The Hydro Pack is easy to use, affordable, and high quality – an indispensable tool for miniature painters.


  • 50 Hydro Palette Paper Sheets
  • 2 Hydro Wet Palette Foams
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